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FACE, the international facade community:

FACE is an European and Global network facilitating facade technology, facade and comfort innovation, knowledge, relationships, experts and all people involved. Want to join? You'll find the Register button in your right-hand corner.

Information video on Youtube:


FACE Sustainability forum:

Sustainability topics are highlighted on this forum. Everyone can join the conversations and add new questions. The main areas are: People Planet and Profit. This is the basic structure where the discussions can be hold.


FACE Creativity LAB:

Need help on a project? Together we can help!

The Creativity LAB is an on-line tool to work together in the facade industry with all people and companies involved. Every person or company can place a call (a project, idea, question etc.) on the whiteboard to which the FACE users can react.


FACE is a FAECF initiative developed and run by FAECF member VMRG